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TruGrid Product Release Notes

TruGrid Product Release Notes

Latest Versions

- Sentry Agent v4.2.3.2
- Windows Desktop Connector v2023.1.1.0
- Mac Desktop Connector v2022.12.1
- Secure Connect Agent v2.0.0.4
- Device Management IoT BitLocker Agent v2.0.0.2602

Updates by Month

January 2023
Improved branding for TruGrid Web & Windows connectors
Improved end user messaging for authentication errors
Updated icons for shortcuts and connector applications
Other minor fixes, enhancements, security improvements, and performance improvements throughout many modules

December 2022
Updated Android & iOS Authenticator
Updated TruGrid Mac Connector release
Other minor fixes, enhancements, security improvements, and performance improvements throughout many modules

November 2022
General minor fixes and updates to web portal
API Beta minor updates
Other minor fixes, enhancements, and performance improvements throughout many modules

October 2022
API Beta release
Android mobile application minor updates
Other minor fixes, enhancements, and performance improvements throughout many modules

September 2022
Mac Web Connector: Added support for RDP preferences and geographic relays
Connectors: Implemented automatic selection of built in RDP application
Many minor fixes and enhancements

August 2022
Web: Add ALL filter to MFA management tab
Web: Enable export detailed report for licenses
Enable update password with first logon
Update password with first logon & handle Active Directory password policy settings
Improve MFA field hint on second login page
Reset password is hidden if no options for reset are available for user
Other minor fixes and enhancements

July 2022
No enhancements released, only fixes

June 2022
Geo-Blocking (WEB, Win and Mac Native)
Improved searching functionality on web portal
Improved user experience when reconnecting to pooled resources
Other minor fixes and enhancements

May 2022
Enabled "Stay Signed-In" option for Admins to set for Web Azure AD Login Management
Improved information messages regarding lack of license situations for SP Tech / Corp Tech Admins
Improvements for Windowed Mode of the RDP Settings General tab
Implemented Password Reset function for AD users
Implementation of a shortcuts renewal pop-up for Azure AD users
Other minor fixes and enhancements

April 2022
Forgot/Reset Password Feature for AD users from Web
General performance improvements
Updated Mac Desktop Connector with Stay Signed In option
Updated Mac Desktop Connector Password Reset option
Updated Mac Desktop Connector with "Connect" button next to computer resources with an "Offline" status
Updated Sentry Agent for support of new Password Reset feature
Extended Sentry logging debug level

March 2022
Improved login user experience
Improved Connect button experience for users
Implemented "Stay signed in?" functionality for Azure AD users
Many minor fixes and improvements

February 2022
Improved sign out logic for Azure users
Enabled ability to attempt connections to resources reporting as offline
User interface fixes and improvements

January 2022
Ensure prompting of Azure MFA even if account is already signed into local Windows
Enhancing progress indicators
Sentry agent enhancements and performance improvements

December 2021
Optimized AD Refresh for large AD environments
Provide TruGrid Admins with ability to enable/disable Desktop Shortcuts
Require MFA for Admin accounts
Ability to adjust between Azure AD vs On Premise AD connectivity

November 2021
MAC Connector RDP Preferences Options
Windows Desktop Connector Improvements

October 2021
MFA Management
New MAC Connector Design & Azure AD support
New design for Windows Desktop Connector

September 2021
New Website Portal Design

August 2021
Added automatic geo-routing to our cloud connectivity nodes, based upon users geographic location
Implemented ability to enable Desktop shortcuts in the Windows Desktop Connectors

July 2021
Updated Android Connector mobile app for improved operation on Chromebooks

June 2021
Resiliency improvements

May 2021
Integration with Azure AD

April 2021
General performance improvements and bug fixes

March 2021
Migrated subscription management to a new subscription management module
Implemented new User Interface for Web Application

February 2021
User interface improvements to Windows Desktop Connector
Performance improvements on web application

January 2021
Improved resiliency of TruGrid Sentry and Health Monitor Windows Services
Prevented reporting apps if RDP status is disabled.
Improved performance of RemoteApp activation and app inventory processing
Improved local Sentry agent logging

November 2020
Updated Windows Desktop Connector with MFA reset functionality

October 2020
Updated Windows Desktop Connector with RDP Settings and MFA setup functionality
Reconnect functionality rollout

September 2020
Enhanced Login and Licensing Reporting for MSPs and Corporate customers

August 2020
Beta release of Reconnect functionality

July 2020
Updated Windows Desktop Connector app supporting RemoteApp

June 2020
RemoteApp - Users can launch virtual applications in addition to desktops
Resource Grouping - User Groups and Machine Groups can be used now
Bug fixes and minor enhancements

May 2020
Enhanced RDP settings for Remote Audio
Updated version of Windows Native Connector with some bug fixes

Updated on: 02/02/2023

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