TruGrid Portal Branding

This is not yet available for Azure AD authenticated domains

TruGrid supports two types of branding:

1) CNAME BRANDING: Service Providers can use a URL such as Users can login to TruGrid via your branded portal. Below are the steps to setup CNAME branding:
Create a CNAME in your DNS (for the domain you validated in TruGrid) and point it to Note: if your CNAME is, then the URL you would link to for the TruGrid login would be
Provide TruGrid with the desired CNAME setup in DNS
No SSL Cert is required
TruGrid will activate the CNAME with SSL
Note: This will only show the custom logo on the branded CNAME and not the contact information entered.

2) DEFAULT BRANDING: If you are interested in the default branding available (i.e., you can configure this in your Profile settings. See below snapshot. Please note you should first log in as your root administrator. You can also upload your logo on this page and this logo will be used for both types of branding.

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