Geo-Blocking via TruGrid

Geo-Blocking via TruGrid

When enabled, the TruGrid Geo-blocking feature restricts access to TruGrid Application and Website based on the user's geographical (country) location. The TruGrid Geo-Blocking feature affects only Active Directory and Azure AD logins. It does not affect TruGrid root accounts.

How to Enable the Geo-Blocking Feature

Please follow these steps in order to enable the Geo-Blocking feature:

Login to TruGrid portal using the main Administrative account
Expand the "Company" menu and click on "Security Management"
Click on "Geo-Blocking" tab

a. Switch "Geo-Blocking Status" option ON
b. Select countries to allow
c. Click "Enable" button to save changes
d. The "Manage Country Allowed List" button can later be used to make changes

Once enabled, only Active Directory and Azure AD users connecting from countries in the "Allowed List" can use TruGrid.

End user experience

A user connecting from a country not in the "Allowed List" for his or her domain will be presented with an error message as shown below.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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