Active Directory Password Management via TruGrid (For Admins)

When enabled, this feature allows TruGrid users to perform self-service password resets.
This feature is only available for organizations using TruGrid Sentry in an Active Directory environment. This feature is not available for organizations using Azure AD.

How to Enable the Password Management Feature
Please follow these steps in order to enable the Password Management feature:

Login to TruGrid portal using the main Administrative account
Expand the "Company" menu and click on "Security Management"
Click on "Password Management"
Switch "Allow AD users to reset their password" option on

Adjust Settings
Adjust the default settings according to your security preferences:

Once enabled and settings adjusted, the "Forgot Password" link will appear on the TruGrid Web and Connector apps for end users.

End user experience
End users will be able to see the "Forgot Password" after they enter their username:

When the user clicks the link, he or she will be able to authorize the password reset via Authenticator App (MFA App), SMS Code, or Email Address (if present in AD for the user):

MFA Verification Example
For the MFA option, please enter the code displayed on the MFA App on the mobile phone. For security reasons, the MFA option will not send a PUSH notification during password reset.

For SMS option, please enter the code sent to mobile phone.

The next screen will allow the user to enter and confirm their new password:

Supplying a password that meets company security requirements will process the password change request.

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