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How to force an AD refresh

How to force an AD refresh

Periodically, the TruGrid Sentry agent refreshes Active Directory data from the local domain where TruGrid is installed. There may be times when you want to force an AD refresh of User and Machine objects. For example, if you add a new user to the TG-USERS group and would like it to immediately show in the TruGrid portal assignments page for assigning that user to a new desktop.

For domains that have more than 1,000 objects in the TG-Users or TG-Computers group, they will auto refresh only every 2 hours. This is by design. If you force a refresh on a directory with more than 1,000 objects, please wait several minutes for it to fully finish syncing once you force a refresh

This can be done a few ways.
Force AD Refresh from TruGrid Portal: (recommended):. This will not impact any open RDP sessions. See instructions below through Step 3. If you are an MSP and trying to manage a customer domain, it is the same process but from Customers section (then select domain that you would like to work on).
Restart local TruGrid Sentry agent service: This will also work, however, it will impact any open RDP sessions.

How to force an AD refresh from the TruGrid portal and perform an assignment

Navigate to Assignments Page and Force AD Refresh

Assign Computers to Users or User Groups

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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