How Admin can manage session timeout in Trugrid Connector app

Session timeout in Trugrid Connectors

When enabled, the Timeout feature signs out user from TruGrid Application, based on time period set by Domain Administrator. The TruGrid Session Timeout feature can be set for separate or all users in domain.

How to Enable the Session Timeout

Please follow these steps in order to enable the time out feature:

Login to TruGrid portal using the main Administrative account
Expand the "Company" menu and click on "Security Management"
Click on "Desktop Management " tab

a. Switch "Desktop Connector Session Timeout" option ON

b. Select period of inactivity to allow, this feature can be enabled for all users in domain

c. Click "Enable" button to save changes
d. The "Desktop Connector Session Timeout" button can later be used to make changes

After this feature is enabled Remote Session will not disconnect, it helps to log off the user from Trugrid portal. Timeout countdown refreshes every time user click to Connector window.

End user experience

A user logged in for his or her domain will be presented with a countdown timer as shown below.

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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