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How to create a Desktop Shortcut

How to create a Desktop Shortcut

The TruGrid Desktop Shortcut feature allows end users to create desktop shortcuts of their favorite remote desktops and applications, and connect to these resources without additional authentication and without opening the TruGrid Connector application each time. This functionality can be enabled or disabled from the Security Management menu.

For Admins - Features and Requirements

Requires TruGrid domains that are joined to Active Directory. TruGrid domains joined to Azure AD are not currently supported for this feature.

Requires latest version of TruGrid Windows Connector. Web, Mac, and Mobile Connectors are not currently supported for this feature.

Shortcuts created by this feature will only work on computers where the specific shortcuts are created. The computer becomes an Authenticator and a Trusted Device in this regard.

End users can create TruGrid desktop shortcuts on any computer they have access to, but this action will disable the shortcuts on prior computers. Currently, this feature will only trust one computer at a time, per user.

If a TruGrid desktop shortcut is copied to another computer where it was not created, the shortcut will self-delete when it is opened.

This functionality can be enabled or disabled from the Security Management menu, at the domain or user level.

When enabled, it can be disabled by default for all users so that it can then be selectively enabled for each user. It can also be enabled for a period or forever.
Options for Desktop Shortcurs

For End Users - How it Works

End user logs into the TruGrid Windows Connector, right-clicks on any assigned desktop or app, and chooses CREATE DESKTOP SHORTCUT (see below screenshot).

How to enable Desktop Shortcut

Desktop shortcut for the remote desktop or application is created on end user Windows desktop.
For the defined period, end users can launch a shortcut to connect to a remote desktop or application without additional authentication.
The TruGrid Windows Connector does not need to be open in order for Desktop Shortcuts to function.

NOTE: For security reasons, Desktop Shortcuts expire after defined period, unless enabled forever. All Desktop Shortcuts become invalid if the feature is disabled and then re-enabled by Admin. Opening a desktop shortcut after expiration will delete the shortcut and open the TruGrid Windows Connector. End users must login to recreate the shortcut.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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