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Admin MFA Requirements

Admin MFA Requirements

For your security, MFA is required for all administrators. It cannot be disabled using MFA Management functionality.

Some other considerations around this:
Admin accounts will not show in MFA Management
Admins cannot manage their own MFA from MFA Management
If you need to reset a telephone number for an Admin account, please contact TruGrid Support
If an AD user was promoted to an admin, the Disable MFA option will not be available as an option in MFA Management
The only option available from MFA Management for domain admins should be “Reset MFA”, with or without phone number
If MFA was disabled for an AD user and later another domain admin tries to promote this user to an admin role, a message will show informing that: a) the user will be promoted, b) MFA will be enabled for this user automatically, c) MFA will become enabled. Once the user is promoted to an admin role, the Disable MFA option won’t be available for this user.
This works similarly within the AD Federation pages.

How admins can manage MFA
How to Reset your MFA via TruGrid Windows App

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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