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How to upgrade an existing TruGrid Sentry installation

How to upgrade an existing TruGrid Sentry installation

Below are detailed steps to upgrade TruGrid Sentry

TruGrid can push updates to the TruGrid Sentry software on request. TruGrid may automatically push updates to Sentry installations from time to time in order to maintain compliance with our cloud service. Planned updates pushed by TruGrid occur between approximately 1AM and 6AM ET on weekdays. For improved uptime and resiliency, TruGrid recommends that each domain has at least two Sentry installations.
If you choose to perform Sentry upgrades by yourself, rather than have TruGrid push the updates for you, please notify TruGrid after the upgrade via online CHAT and ask us to verify the health of the upgrade for you and delete any orphaned records. While rare, orphaned records can occur with failed upgrades and cause RDP routing issues.

Login into the Active Directory member server or domain controller that TruGrid Sentry is currently installed on

Obtain the TruGrid Activation Code for the domain you wish to update:
You can obtain current TruGrid Activation code from the AGENT.LOG file in C:\Program Files\TruGrid\Sentry\AGENT.LOG. Look for code starting with "TG-". Make sure to close and navigate away from this directory before uninstalling Sentry software
You can also obtain the TruGrid Activation Code for a domain from the TruGrid portal. For the primary domain, click COMPANY MANAGEMENT -> RESOURCE ASSIGNMENTS. Click SENTRY ACTIONS. For client domains, click CUSTOMER MANAGMENT -> CLIENT DOMAINS. Look under ACTION column for the domain

On the TruGrid Sentry server, navigate to ADD / REMOVE PROGRAMS and uninstall the TruGrid Sentry software. If you recceive an Access Denied message when trying to uninstall the TruGrid Sentry software, please open the SERVICES applet; disable and stop the TruGrid Sentry service; then try to uninstall it.

Download the latest TruGrid Sentry software from here.

Install latest version and enter TruGrid Activation code when asked during installation. Please do the same for other TruGrid Sentry installations for this domain

Test a user login on or any TruGrid Connector application and open and RDP session to ensure that authentication RDP connections are working

Reach out to us via live chat and we can verify everything is looking ok from our side

Updated on: 11/08/2021

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