TruGrid Desktop Connector for Windows Setup

Please follow the steps outlined below to setup TruGrid Desktop Windows Connector for use with TruGrid SecureRDP

Please follow this link if you prefer to watch a video tutorial. You must have your Windows computer, smart phone, and Internet access in order to complete these steps.

Download and install TruGrid Windows Connector on your Windows computer
a. On your Windows computer, download and install TruGrid Windows Connector from
b. Open the TruGrid Windows Connector and enter your login email address. Click CONTINUE
c. Enter your password and click LOGIN

Get ready to setup your Multifactor Authentication
a. From your smart phone, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for TruGrid Authenticator (or your preferred authenticator)
b. Following instructions to install TruGrid Authenticator (or your preferred authenticator)
c. Return to your Windows computer and click NEXT

Setup Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
a. From your Smart Phone, open the TruGrid Authenticator
b. Click the + sign on top right. This will open your camera. Accept any prompt from your phone to allow TruGrid to use your camera to scan MFA setup QR code
c. Use your Smart Phone to scan the QR code displayed on your computer
d. From the TruGrid Authenticator on your Smart Phone, click ALLOW. This will add a six-digit security code to the display on your computer and advance it to the next screen.

PS: If this does not happen, please manually type the six-digit code and click NEXT on your computer.

Validate your phone. This allows you to reset your MFA in the future.
a. Enter your mobile phone number in the area specified on the computer and click SEND CODE
b. Click SEND CODE
c. Obtain the code from your mobile phone and enter it in the area specified on your computer

Login to the TruGrid Desktop Connector
a. At the TruGrid Workspace, you may now connect to your assigned desktop or apps

PS: The next time you need to connect to your remote desktop, open the TruGrid Windows Connector application and login with your password and MFA in order to connect.

Optional: Continue to the next steps if you wish to configure RDP SETTINGS

To configure RDP SETTINGS:
a. Click the hamburger menu on the top right corner of the TruGrid Windows Connector
b. Select SETTINGS
c. Configure your preferred RDP SETTINGS and click SAVE when done.

PS: If you are ADMIN, you will be able to configure settings for your login and authorized domains.

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