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How To Measure RDP Latency

How To Measure RDP Latency

One of the best ways to measure RDP latency is from the end user perspective, when connected to the RDP / RDS host. With this understanding, actually latency involves both end user network and company / destination network. Follow below steps to measure latency between end user network and RDP host network:

Use TruGrid to connect from an end user endpoint to the RDP host on company network
While connected to the RDP host, download the free version of Remote Desktop Analyzer, a third-party application. It's a self-executing EXE.
Run it on the RDP host. This will display the latency and measured bandwidth between the RDP host and end user endpoint. The lower the latency, the better the RDP experience, no matter how high the bandwidth.

Below is an example of a decent latency, approximately 27ms. CAD applications will benefit immensely from latency that is closer to 10ms.
Example results

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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