How to fix access denied error when installing TruGrid Sentry for Secure RDP

If you are installing TruGrid Sentry for Secure RDP and encounter an Access Denied error, this could be likely for a few reasons:

1) The credentials you are using to install it may not have permission within the domain. Please be sure you are using a Domain Admin login. Or create a new domain admin user and try that out.

2) The format you are entering in the login may need to be adjusted. For example, entering in the email address (login name+UPN) setup in AD vs using domain\username. Please try alternative methods to enter it in.

3) If you have UAC turned on and cannot turn it completely off, then "Run As Administrator" a Command Prompt, then start the TruGrid Sentry install file from the Command Prompt.

4) Disable UAC. See article here for instructions.
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