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Install TruGrid Sentry Server Agent onto Windows 10

Install TruGrid Sentry Server Agent onto Windows 10

The TruGrid Sentry agent is typically installed on Windows Server operating systems, however, if you would like to install the TruGrid Sentry agent onto a non server-class Windows Operating System, such as a Windows 10 machine, below are instructions on how this can be accomplished. Please keep in mind this Windows 10 machine must also be an Active Directory joined machine.

Please note it must be Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise.

Create the following folder: C:\TruGrid on the Windows 10 machine
Download this supporting text configuration file from here and save it as a file called TruGrid_Sentry_Config.json. Make sure the extension is exactly .json and not .txt.
Copy TruGrid_Sentry_Config.json file to C:\TruGrid
Install Sentry Server Agent using the TruGrid Secure RDP installation process from this point forward

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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