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How to configure Power Management settings via GPO

How to configure Power Management settings via GPO (Recommended Practice)

If a user is trying to connect to a machine that has gone to sleep, they will not be able to connect successfully.

For customers using TruGrid SecureRDP in an Active Directory environment, Power Management settings can be adjusted via Active Directory Group Policy Objects (GPO), using Group Policy Preferences. One easy way to handle this is at the domain level (rather than OU level). Make sure to test your settings to validate they work as intended.

Here are the implementation steps:
Create and link a new GPO at the domain level. Restrict it to the TG-COMPUTERS security group as shown below.

Edit the new GPO and navigate to the following path. Apply desired settings
For step #10 below, expand the various options by clicking the + and verify or edit desired settings.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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