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How to enable Zero Trust RDP Security

How to enable Zero Trust RDP Security

Zero Trust for RDP can help prevent ransomware and data leak between remote users and office networks. Please check our blog here for more information about Zero Trust using Windows GPO.

Alternatively to GPO, to implement Zero Trust for RDP at the remote user / endpoint level, organizations can use TruGrid SecureRDP software and get it implemented within minutes.

With TruGrid SecureRDP, ADMINS can click a single button that blocks all device redirection between remote user / endpoint and company network.

RDP preference settings are only available for TruGrid BUSINESS plans and not the TruGrid BASIC plans. You have TruGrid BUSINESS if you can see the SETTINGS option.

Using TruGrid Windows Connector
Login to TruGrid Windows Connector. Click the HAMBURGER menu on top-right and then click SETTINGS. From the SETTINGS dialog, Users and Admins can configure GENERAL, DISPLAY, DEVICE REDIRECTION, and AUDIO & VIDEO settings. See below example.

When all preferred settings are configured, click the SAVE button. Admins will have a choice of applying the changes to just themselves and / or domains they are authorized to manage. See below example.

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Updated on: 08/03/2023

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