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How to Improve RDP Experience with TruGrid Settings

How to improve RDP experience with TruGrid Settings

If you are experiencing slowness with your RDP connections, consider configuring the following RDP settings with the TruGrid Windows Connector. Open the TruGrid Windows Connector app and sign in. Click the HAMBURGER menu on the top right; click SETTINGS; and configure the following RDP settings:

Cache Bitmaps

cache bitmaps

Optimize Display

optimize display

Disable all or most Device Redirection

Device Redirection

Optimize Audio and Video

Optimize Audio Video

Click SAVE button when done. If you are an ADMIN, you can apply these settings to all domains that you manage.

Make and RDP connection and test. Feel free to adjust the above settings as desired.

For detailed review and recommended solutions for other factors that may affect RDP experience, please see this TruGrid guide:

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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