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How to configure RDP settings and preferences

How to configure RDP settings and preferences

Admins and Users can configure RDP settings and preferences via the TruGrid Desktop Connectors or the TruGrid web portal. Settings configured on the Web or Desktop Connectors will be respected by all TruGrid Connector applications. If you would like, you can push the default settings to your primary or subdomain via the connector app.

RDP preference settings are only available for TruGrid BUSINESS plans and not the TruGrid BASIC plans. You have TruGrid BUSINESS if you can see the SETTINGS option.
If you are remoting into a Windows 7 machine, multi-monitors are only supported on Windows 7 enterprise and Windows 7 ultimate editions per Microsoft's licensing.
Screen resolution settings are not respected by the mobile connectors at this time

Using TruGrid Desktop Connector
Login to the TruGrid Desktop Connector. Click the PERSON icon menu on top-right and then click SETTINGS. From the SETTINGS dialog, Users and Admins can configure GENERAL, DISPLAY, DEVICE REDIRECTION, and AUDIO & VIDEO settings. See below examples of each preferences tab. For detailed explanations of each RDP option, see this article.

![1) General Settings]

2) Display Settings

3) Device Redirection Settings

4) Audio and Video Settings

Before all preferred settings are configured, Admins will have a choice of applying the changes to just themselves and / or domains they are authorized to manage. You must be logged in as a TruGrid administrator login in order to push settings to domains. After settings are configured need to click SAVE button. See below example.

![5) Save and Apply Settings]

Using TruGrid Portal
Login to Navigate to the PROFILE section and click SETTINGS. See below example showing how to update multi-monitor and remote audio support.

6) RDP Settings via TruGrid Portal

If you would like to dynamically scale the window and resolution to the size needed, you can configure the below settings:
General tab - select "Full Screen Mode" and then select Save
Display tab - Select "Dynamic Session Resolution" an "Scale local window content" and then select Save
Relaunch desktop app and relaunch desktop. Scale window to resolution and size needed.

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Updated on: 08/03/2023

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