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How to troubleshoot user RDP disconnects

How to troubleshoot user RDP disconnects

RDP disconnects can be due to a number of factors. Below are suggestions to consider in order to isolate possible causes:

Is this occurring for just for this user or other users?

If for just one user, it is more likely an issue specific to the user, their environment; or local or remote devices:
Switch out various components to see what fixes the problem: a cellular wifi hotspot, an alternate remote computer to connect TO, an alternate computer to connect FROM
Check the circumstances under which disconnects occur. Is it during idle times or random?
If user is connecting via TruGrid Secure Connect, make sure latest version is installed TruGrid Secure Connect

If for all users, it will be due to an issue common to all users:
Check office internet connection
Check if server that TruGrid Sentry is installed onto is having any issues
Check if policy exists for RDP session idle timeouts

This does not solve the problem? Some additional troubleshooting steps here

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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