Why is the login page showing an invalid email address message?

If you get an Invalid Email Address error message like below when trying to login, this could be for a few reasons...

Your administrator might have setup your account using a slightly different email address. Please contact your administrator and provide him the below instructions to check out, so he can help remediate the situation for you. This is not something we can remediate for you.


What to check for:
If the username in Active Directory that is used to login locally is slightly different than the email address being used. See below snapshot.
If the Active Directory User Object is set to the proper UPN domain suffix. See below snapshot.

What to do next:
Remove the user from the local AD TG-Users group
Fix their logon name or UPN
Add the user back to the local AD TG-Users group
Restart the local TruGrid Sentry service on the server or select AD refresh icon on TruGrid portal
Give it a few minutes and then go to https://app.trugrid.com/login and see if the email lets you get past Go.
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