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How to Reset Active Directory Password (For End Users)

How to Reset Active Directory Password (For End Users)


When enabled by Company Administrator or Service Provider, Active Directory users can change their passwords via TruGrid Web, Windows, and Mac applications. This feature is not currently available for Azure AD users.

The FORGOT PASSWORD option becomes available for end users only when enabled (see below). If you do not see a FORGOT PASSWORD link during login, it means that your Company Administrator or Service Provider has not enabled this feature. Please contact them for assistance.

How to Change Your Password

Follow the steps below to change your Active Directory password:

Open your Internet browser and connect to Or, open TruGrid Windows or Mac Connector

Enter your login and click CONTINUE


Choose one of the options to verify your authenticity. Click PROCEED.

Choose an option to Verify Your Authenticity

See below example for MFA option. Open MFA app on your phone and enter manually enter the code on in the required field. Click SUBMIT.

Using MFA Code to Verify User Authenticity

For SMS option, please enter the code sent to mobile phone. For EMAIL option, you will receive reset link via that email address - click that link to continue the password change.

On the next screen, please enter and confirm your new password.

Supplying a password that meets company security requirements will process your password change request:

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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