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How to fix Windows Desktop connector not loading

How to fix Windows Desktop connector not loading

If the Windows Desktop Connector was previously working ok but is now not loading but shows as running in Task Manager, below are suggested troubleshooting steps for administrators. Sometimes this happens when an auto-update is attempting to launch and upgrade the connector to the latest version.

Generally the "Reinstall Application" procedure below will remediate the issue.

Just for some quick background, the TruGrid Windows Desktop Connector launches the connector it installs into an isolated area within a secure per-user, per-application cache and runs within the Internet security zones.

How to remediate this:

Reinstall the application (recommended - this will generally fix the issue)
Step 1: Uninstall application from Windows. It's called "TruGrid Windows Connector".
Step 2: Remove temp application cache. This is generally found under this approximate area: C:\Users\{usersloginnamehere}\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0. You can find the exact location using these instructions.
Step 3: Open a Command Prompt and type the following to clear the cache fully: rundll32 dfshim CleanOnlineAppCache
Step 4: Download and reinstall the TruGrid Windows Connector.
Step 5: Ensure it's loading ok now. If so, you are done.

If this does not resolve the issue, below are further troubleshooting steps...

Run installer as an administrator:
Download the latest TruGrid Windows Desktop Connector. Right-click on install file and "Run as Administrator". Your current user account may not have permission to perform the update.

Check Internet Options Trust Site Settings: Ensure the URLs are set as trusted sites in Internet Options. See further instructions here.

Isolate Issue: Help isolate the problem using the below test...
Setup a local admin login on the machine they are connecting FROM. Install Windows Desktop Connector in that profile and see if it loads. If it works in this local profile then it might be something related to main profile that needs to be corrected.
Try to launch the Windows Connector on the current profile, as an admin user to see if there is some permissions issue
Turn off UAC (User Account Control) to see if there is a permissions prompting issue

Check .NET Framework Version Installed: Ensure .NET Framework updates are installed. There could be pending Windows OS updates required. See further instructions here.

Adjust ClickOnce Prompting Settings: You may need to adjust this registry entry in case it was adjusted by another program. See further instructions here.

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Updated on: 08/03/2023

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