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What Authenticator Apps work with TruGrid MFA

What Authenticator Apps work with TruGrid

You can use any Authenticator with TruGrid MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) that is TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password algorithm) compliant.

Authenticator Options

Choose from the below TOTP Authenticator options that have already been certified to work with TruGrid. Or if you already have one installed that you like, feel free to use that one with TruGrid.
TruGrid Authenticator (iOS or Android – (Recommended) if you would like to utilize advanced features of TruGrid such as Push Authentication (which will save time manually entering codes) and AD Federation for MSPs
Google Authenticator
Duo Authenticator
LastPass Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator
Desktop & Browser Authenticators - for certain situations such as medical facilities where cell phones may not be allowed, you might want to consider using a desktop or browser-based authenticator. We do not support or maintain the below authentication platforms. Here is a link to a Chrome browser based authenticator which has a built-in QR Reader. Here is a link to an open source desktop authenticator for Windows
Smartwatches: We will soon be implementing support for accepting Push Authentication via Apple Smartwatch. It is not yet implemented.

Important Notes
Authenticators will work with TruGrid even if the phone is temporarily not on a WIFI or cellular data network, however, for Push Authentication to operate, a data connection is required.
We do not support using SMS text as your primary authentication mechanism for MFA, since software-based MFA is more secure. We understand this will be limiting for users without smartphones, however, we want to make sure we are providing secure solutions for our customers. An alternative is using a Desktop or Browser Authenticators mentioned above, if a user does not have a mobile phone.
If you need to reset your MFA, see this article for further information.
If you need instructions on how to setup MFA the first time, please check out our Windows and Mac User Guides.
If you plan to use a desktop authenticator, you will need to decode the QR Image and manually enter the MFA Secret into the desktop authenticator. You can use a tool such as this type of tool to decode the QR images. The key that needs to be entered can be found between the "?secret=" and "&" characters.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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