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Using AD UPN Aliases

Using AD UPN Aliases

In the TruGrid control panel, when adding your own domain or a customer domain (under Customer Management if you are an MSP), each domain added in the portal is intended to represent a separate Active Directory environment.

However, some Active Directory environments may have more than one external domain associated with it. For example, one user has an email and another user uses We can accomodate this via a UPN alias functionality from our side.

To accomplish this, please just let us know in live chat about the domain registered in the TruGrid control panel, and the UPN alias domains that should be associated with it.

For example, you could request "I need to have a UPN Alias called added to the existing domain I setup called I already added this to the local Active Directory Domains and Trusts as a UPN alias"

From our side (it won't be visible in your portal and there is no current intreface for you to do this yourself), we will add the UPN alias domain(s) for you.

Once we add the UPN aliases, the next steps would be:
Ensure those users have their UPN set properly in AD Users and Computers. Check each AD user object account tab
Add the users to the TG-Users group
Restart the local service on the server called TruGrid Sentry and give it a few minutes. Or preferably force an AD Refresh.
Check the sentry agent service local log file at c:\program files\trugrid\sentry\agent.log to make sure the users are being picked up with the correct UPN now
Wait a few minutes and log back into the Portal
Go to the Assignments page and assign the new user to a desktop.

If you have any questions, please let us know on live chat.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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