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How to troubleshoot AD users not reporting into TruGrid

How to troubleshoot AD users not reporting into TruGrid

UPN not set in User AD Account Properties: UPN not properly set in AD User Object Account tab. The users UPN suffix must be set to the correct validated domain UPN that the Sentry was activated against, or a validated UPN alias setup for that domain. For example, if you activated the TruGrid for, then the users UPN should also be set to Open the user object in Active Directory, go to Account tab, and select the proper UPN domain from the dropdown. See step 3 here of the Sentry Installation Guide. Note, we do also support UPN domain aliases; in case you have a situation where in a single AD with multiple UPN suffixes.

User Not Added to AD TG-Users group: User not yet added into the local AD TG-Users group.

Missing User Object Information: Sometimes information might be missing from the AD User Object such as their full name, display name, login name, etc. Please check to make sure the user object is completely filled out for this key information.

Once you check and correct (if necessary) these items, please restart the local Sentry Agent service or do an AD refresh from the assignments page. Then wait a few minutes, refresh the TruGrid portal assignments page and see if the users are now reporting in. Then assign a user to a desktop.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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