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How to fix Desktop not clickable or showing as offline

How to fix Desktop not clickable or showing as offline

If the desktop is not clickable in the browser or desktop connector, this is because TruGrid considers it to be offline or not accessible via RDP.

If it is clickable but just spins when you click on it but does not launch a desktop, you may need to check licenses to make sure you have enough licenses.

How to fix this as an end user

If you're an end user trying to connect to a machine at your office, please ask someone at your office to check if the machine is turned on and accessible and responding. If it is turned on, restart it in case it is hung. If it is not turned on make sure to turn it on, otherwise, you won't be able to connect to it via TruGrid. If this does not fix it, please provide the below information to your administrator.

Troubleshooting Steps For Administrators

If you are an administrator of the machine at the office and know the machine is online and not hung, below are some additional troubleshooting steps. These are things we cannot remediate for you and need your help with. Generally the root cause is RDP is not accessible from the server the TruGrid agent is installed onto.

If a machine was recently offline or RDP was not accessible on it and you remediated that but it's still showing offline, try to force an AD refresh and see if this solves the problem.

1) Accessible from Agent Server: If the endpoint is an AD-joined machine, log into the server the TruGrid Sentry agent is installed onto and try to RDP to the machine they are trying to connect TO. Please don't assume because you can connect to it from another machine on the network that it is accessible from this server.
2) DNS Resolution: From the server the TruGrid Sentry agent is installed onto, open a command prompt and check if the hostname resolves in DNS. For example "nslookup {hostname}". If it does resolve, ensure it is resolving to the correct IP address of the machine you are trying to connect to.
3) RDP Port: Make sure the Windows OS firewall on the machine being connected TO is open for RDP port 3389.
4) RDP Enabled: Ensure RDP Remote Access is enabled on the endpoint
5) Routing Issue: Are there multiple network adaptors on the machine that could be causing routing issues? Try to disable one and see if it helps. Check if there are any outbound firewall restrictions. See further instructions here.
6) Machine Awake: Ensure endpoint is set to not go into sleep mode and is awake and responding.
7) Correct Network Configuration: Ensure the machine has accurate local network settings and is pointing to the same local DNS server that the TruGrid Sentry agent server is pointing to. Check also on the TruGrid Sentry server to make sure it is pointing only to a local DNS server.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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