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How to assign Users to Computers

How to assign Users to Computers

Below are instructions on how to assign users to computers. This can also be used to view which users are assigned to which computers.

For environments with several users and computers, TruGrid can generate a report of user to desktop assignments if requested. Planned enhancement will allow customers to run these reports in the future.
Select Company Section
Assign Users to Computers by navigating to COMPANY and then select "Desktop Assignments" under "Resource Assignments"

In a TruGrid multitenant dashboard, please navigate to CUSTOMERS and select the necessary domain

Then click "Resource Assignments" > "Desktop Assignments"

Assign User to Computer

At this point you can assign multiple desktops to the users. When the user logs into the TruGrid portal or via a desktop connector or mobile connector application they will see only the desktops you have assigned to them. If you do not see a user reporting into this dropdown in step 5, see this article.

If you need general steps for setting up the Sentry agent from the beginning, please see this article.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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