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Why is it saying "RDP file provided is invalid"?

Why is it saying "RDP file provided is invalid"?

If you are on Windows 10 or Mac and get the message "RDP file provided is invalid", this is generally due to the .RDP file extension not being properly associated with the Microsoft Remote Desktop application. Often this is due to either the RDP files being associated with another remote desktop application or being associated with an application within a virtual machine on that computer.

For example, see how the icons below show for an RDP file on a Windows platform. You can easily test this out by opening a text editor and saving a file as a .RDP file (make sure once it is saved the extension is really .RDP and not with .TXT after it). This will help you see what program a .RDP file extension is currently associated with.

If it's not correct, please follow the steps outlined below to correct it. Once you have corrected the file association, then try again to launch the machine in TruGrid.

On Windows

The video below demonstrates how create test .rdp file and set proper file extension on Windows OS

On Mac OS X

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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