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What to do if users see "Server error while signing in"?

What to do if users see "Server error while signing in"?

If users are trying to login to TruGrid application and see the message "Server error while signing in", this is because the TruGrid Sentry service deployed for the affected domain is not currently communicating with our cloud service for one reason or another.

Why does this occur?
The server might have temporary connectivity issues to our service for some reason, example Internet issues, server maintenance, power outage, etc.
The TruGrid Sentry agent service running on the local domain might be having an issue.

What to do next:
Ask us to check if we see the TruGrid Sentry agent communicating to our service and if we can resolve it. We don't have access to that server but we can try to send a remote reconnect request to the TruGrid Sentry agent; this will generally prompt it to heal its connection to us.
Check the status of the TruGrid Sentry service on the local domain server. If it is not running, please start it. If it is running, then restart it. Often restarting the agent can remediate the issue. The TruGrid Sentry agent will try to reconnect and self-heal itself periodically if there is an interruption; so it might also remediate itself in a few minutes.​

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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