TruGrid Secure RDP Setup Guide for Mac End Users

Please follow the steps outlined below to setup a TruGrid for Mac End User

Install the TruGrid Authenticator
From your smart phone, install the TruGrid Authenticator from the App Store (iOS or Android). Or use a compatible authenticator app.

Login to the TruGrid Portal
Enter your login name and then select CONTINUE

Enter your password and then select CONTINUE

Setup your MFA (Multifactor Authentication)
From your smart phone, open the TruGrid Authenticator mobile app
Select the + sign on the top right. This will open your camera. Accept any prompt from your phone to allow TruGrid to use your camera to scan MFA setup QR code.
Use your smart phone to scan the TruGrid QR code displayed on your computer browser
From the TruGrid Authenticator on your Smart Phone, select ALLOW.

Enter your mobile phone number and activate MFA. Note: You can always reset your MFA in the future
When done, your browser will take you to the TruGrid Workspace and display the desktop(s) assigned to you

Install TruGrid Mac Connector software
At the TruGrid Workspace, you have the option to connect to an assigned desktop via the browser. We recommend however, that you download the TruGrid Desktop Connector because you can then launch desktops without having to log into the website.
To use the TruGrid Desktop Connector, click HERE and follow instructions to download and install it.
Close the browser and open the TruGrid Desktop Connector

Pin the TruGrid Mac Connector (also called TruGrid Native Connector) icon to your desktop
Open the Mac FINDER
Navigate to the APPLICATIONS folder and look for TruGrid Native Connector in the detail pane
Drag the icon to your desktop to create a desktop shortcut

Login to the TruGrid Desktop Connector
The TruGrid Desktop Connector opens after installation.
Enter your Login and select CONTINUE;
Check the REMEMBER ME box to save your password;
Tab to or select the Enter Six Digit Code field;
From your smart phone, accept the login request. This will reveal the desktop or applications assigned to you.

Please note that the TruGrid Mac Connector requires that Microsoft RDP client is installed on your Mac. Please visit the App Store to install it if it is not already installed.

Launch the remote desktop
Click once on the assigned desktop
Accept the End User Agreement (if the first time launching a desktop)
Your remote desktop should open
NOTE: If your desktop does not load, it may be because the Microsoft RDP application is awaiting your input. Drag the TruGrid Mac Connector aside and respond to the Microsoft RDP prompt
Click the desktop again if necessery. Your remote desktop should open

The next time you need to connect to your remote desktop:
Open the TruGrid Desktop Connector application
Click in the Authentication Code field
Accept the login request on your mobile phone
Launch the remote desktop
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