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Troubleshooting BitLocker Device Management EndPoints

Troubleshooting BitLocker Device Management EndPoints

Boot issue after encryption: If you encounter a boot issue after encryption, please refer to this article.

Upgrades: The TruGrid BitLocker Device Management Agents normally check in every 4 hours for upgrade instructions or whenever the machine is rebooted. You can force an upgrade of the Device Management IoT Agent by running the following command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\TruGrid\TruGrid IoT Agent\Updater\TG.IoT.Updater.exe" selfstart. Note: If this file is not present on the machine, you will need to manually uninstall the Device Management agent and install the latest version; see section below un uninstall process.

Offline status in portal: If the machine is still showing offline, restart the machine to see if that helps. Please note the service cannot be manually restarted; this is by design. If this does not help remediate a device showing offline in the TruGrid control panel then please provide us the log files from the below locations: C:\Program Files (x86)\TruGrid\TruGrid IoT Agent\logs & C:\Program Files (x86)\TruGrid\TruGrid IoT Agent\Updater\logs

Uninstall: Normally you would always uninstall the agent from the TruGrid portal Device Management area. However, if the device is no longer reporting into the TruGrid Device Management section of the portal and you need to manually uninstall it, you can download this uninstaller and run it as the administrator.

Transfer to another domain: If you installed an endpoint under one domain within the TruGrid portal, but would like to move it to another domain within the TruGrid portal, then after uninstalling (from the portal) and reinstalling it (with the new enrollment file from the proper domain in the portal), please let us know the first domain it was installed under, the correct domain it should show up under, and the MAC address of the endpoint. Any log files would also be helpful. We will check from our end to see if any database adjustments need to be made to ensure it is reporting in properly.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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