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How to switch a machine from TruGrid Sentry RDP brokering to a Secure Connect agent

How to switch a machine from TruGrid Sentry RDP brokering to a Secure Connect agent

There may be situations where you prefer to install the TruGrid Secure Connect agent onto an AD-joined or non-AD joined machine, rather than having the RDP connections brokered via the TruGrid Sentry.

Why would I do this?
The machine is not local to the network where the TruGrid Sentry agent is installed and brokering the connection would cause too much latency. For example, it is located in another geographic location or across a site to site VPN connection.
The user is experiencing lag issues which cannot be resolved otherwise

How do I do this?
Remove desired machine from TG-COMPUTERS
Ensure that RDP is enabled on the machine and Windows OS firewall port 3389, not edge / internet firewall, is open. Make sure that you can connect to this machine from another machine on the local network, to validate RDP is working.
Ensure that the user you plan to assign to this machine has a valid local user (or AD login) that has RDP rights on this machine.
Install the TruGrid Secure Connect agent onto the machine
Activate the TruGrid SecureConnect with the same TG-code activation used for the TruGrid Sentry agent for that domain
Go to the TruGrid portal dashboard and assign the user to the machine. You will now see the machine reporting into the machine dropdown, just like AD joined machines.

Note: When using TruGrid Secure Connect, end users will not get the SSO experience. They will be asked to provide login credential to the PC. They can check the REMEMBER ME box to get the SSO experience with future logins.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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