How to optimize geographic routing connectivity for TruGrid Secure RDP

We can route Secure RDP connectivity for your domain via the Azure region closest to you. Our application works across almost every Global Azure Region.

For example, if you are setting up a company located in Australia, we could route the connectivity for that domain via the closest regional Australian Azure data center.

Even within the United States, we can optimize the connectivity and improve performance. The default location is the East US region.

If you need a region adjusted for a domain, please let us know your domain and Azure Region preference and we will adjust the default configuration for that domain.

We recommend you first run a speed test to see which region has the least latency from either
the location in which your endpoints reside
the location where most users will be connecting from reside

You can run that speed test using this site.

This routing optimization is not available for TruGrid Personal versions.
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