How to fix clicking on Desktop in browser but nothing happens

If a user clicks on a Desktop in the Chrome browser (or Edge Chrome version) but nothing happens OR they click it and it downloads the launcher but does not launch it, this is likely due to the TruGrid browser extension being disabled or not fully setup.

From time to time Chrome upgrades disable installed browser extensions and they need to be re-enabled. Even if you are using Microsoft Edge, the latest versions are based on Chrome and you will need this extension. We recommend you use Chrome. Please do not use the old Internet Explorer.

How do I fix this?
Install TruGrid Chrome browser extension
Install TruGrid Chrome browser extension helper file. Users will get redirected to this page once they install the extension, however, sometimes users may not realize there is a step 2.

In case you are not aware, you could alternatively utilize the TruGrid Native Desktop Connectors and not have to utilize the browser at all to launch desktops. Many people prefer this. You should also get prompted in the browser for an option to install the desktop connector.
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