How to fix access denied when UNinstalling TruGrid Sentry for Secure RDP

If you are trying to UNinstall the TruGrid Sentry agent for Secure RDP to either remove it or upgrade it, you may encounter an Access Denied error. Below are some suggestions on how to resolve this situation.

1) Disable TruGrid Sentry Service before uninstalling
Go to Services
Find the TruGrid Sentry service
Set Startup Type from Automatic to Disabled
Turn off the service
Start the uninstall process again

2) Kill Services before uninstalling
You may need to kill any running service first. There is a primary service and a health monitor service. The health monitor service may be trying to restart the primary service, causing an access denied message when uninstalling.

Run the below lines within an administrator command prompt and then restart the UNinstallation. Sometimes you may need to run these two lines twice. Then check that they are not longer running and then start the uninstall process again.
taskkill /IM "TruGrid Sentry.exe" /F
taskkill /IM "TruGrid Sentry Health Monitor.exe" /F
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