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How to configure default RDP App on Mac

Configure Mac to use Microsoft Remote Desktop App to open RDP Connections

Typically, when installed, Microsoft Remote Desktop application becomes the default application for opening RDP connections. However, another application may get installed that takes over this function. This prevents TruGrid from making RDP connections. In such situations, Mac customers may see errors similar to below.

Here is how to fix it

Right click on Finder icon
Select Go to Folder
Type / (slash)
Click Macintosh HD from the list
Open Users folder
Open folder with your username
On your Mac computer, Press the COMMAND + SHIFT + . (period) keys at the same time. The hidden files will show up as translucent
Navigate to /.config/TruGrid/Temporary folder and right click any of RDP files in the folder and follow steps in the below screenshots to configure Microsoft Remote Desktop application to open RDP connections
In case you do not have any .rdp file or /.config/TruGrid/Temporary is missing on your Mac device, please download the RDP file from this link. And continue from Step 9

Click on Get Info

Find out Open With and you will see Microsoft Remote Desktop

Select it from dropdown or click on it
Click on Change All button
You will see window with confirmation and press Continue

Try to quit from Mac Connector , wait for 30 seconds and log in again

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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