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Can I deploy the Windows connector via RMM?

Can I deploy the Windows connector via RMM?

The TruGrid Windows Desktop Connector uses Microsoft Click-Once technology. It launches the connector into an isolated area within a secure per-user, per-application cache and runs within the Internet security zones.

If you would like to mass deploy this application out via an RMM tool, this is not possible at this time.

Alternatively, what you can do is add the application launch URL to the startup folder and it will launch automatically when the user logs into the computer. You can use this URL.

If you want to use the web launcher, then if users are using the Edge (non-Chrome version) browser, there is no need to use a browser extension. However, if the users are using Chrome (recommended) or Edge Chrome version, then you do first need to install the TruGrid browser extension for Chrome. This is a two part setup, the Chrome extension and the extension helper file. This helper file is a silent install and could be deployed out via RMM for example. This is not needed if you are using the Desktop Connector.

URLs for your reference:
Chrome Browser extension
Browser extension helper install file. Users will automatically get redirected to this page once they install the extension above, however, sometimes people don't realize there is a step 2.
Windows Desktop Connector
About Microsoft ClickOnce Technology

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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