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How MSPs can adjust and allocate licenses

How MSPs can adjust and allocate licenses

For information on how TruGrid is licensed, please refer to this article. If you are a coporate customer please refer to this article.

How to adjust and allocate licensing:

Log into the TruGrid portal with root administrator login

Select Subscriptions from profile dropdown menu:

Add and Allocate Licenses

a) PRIMARY DOMAIN POOL OF LICENSES: Select option to Add (+) or Remove (-) additional licenses to license pool and then select Update Subscription (or Continue to Payment). This Add/Remove option for the primary domain will only be available for root administrator account. If more licenses are needed for customer domains, please purchase more for the primary domain in order to allocate them to customer domains.

b) ALLOCATE LICENSES TO CUSTOMER DOMAINS: Licenses can be allocated/deallocated to/from a specific customer domain, from the pool of licenses on the primary domain. Select Update Allocation after such assignments. Licenses can be allocated up to the maximum number of licenses in the primary pool.

There is a Licensing Report under Company Management, Reporting, Licensing. This will show the quantity of users reporting in vs the quantity of licenses allocated. See this article for more details.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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