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TruGrid Branding

Customizing TruGrid

With TruGrid Service Provider and Corporate accounts, customers can customize TruGrid login URL, and the TruGrid Web and Desktop Apps (Windows and Mac). Branding allows customers to use login URL such as Supported TruGrid Desktop Apps can be customized with customers' logos and color schemes. Customers / tenants of Service Providers cannot customize TruGrid; they instead will use the Service Provider branding.

TruGrid Branding currently applies to TruGrid Web, Windows, and Mac Connectors. TruGrid iOS and Android Mobile Connectors do not currently support branding.

Customize TruGrid URL

Please follow the steps below to create a custom TruGrid URL for your end users:
Create a CNAME (example remote) in your external DNS and point it to
No SSL Certificate is required. TruGrid manages the SSL certificates
Click on the CHAT button on TruGrid website and ask to activate your CNAME (example
TruGrid will notify you when the custom URL is active, and your end users can login via your custom URL

Customize TruGrid Web & Desktop Apps

Please follow below steps to brand TruGrid Apps with your logo and color scheme. Reference the image below.
Login to TruGrid dashboard as ADMIN. Click on the PROFILE menu -> BRANDING -> Enable BRANDING
Upload your logo to TruGrid
Select the desired background color for your TruGrid website and apps
Add your contact information, such as Support Number, Support URL, Social Media, etc. There is an option in this section to show these information on TruGrid Desktop Apps
Decide whether or not to allow TruGrid Desktop App to inherit the branding logo and colors
Save your changes
Preview the changes to the LOGIN and WORKSPACE
Click to view a website with the customization
Clear the branding and reset to DEFAULT

TruGrid Branding page

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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