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How to configure folder sharing on MacOS

How to configure folder sharing on MacOS

Users can share folders on their MacOS devices via TruGrid app or Microsoft Remote Desktop.
From time to time users prefer to save data on their local machines.
How does folder sharing looks like on the remote RDP session?
Please take a look at the picture presented below. It shows that the Desktop folder is shared over RDP session on the remote server.
That means you are able to manage folder content from the server on your local computer. Looks cool ? Let us show how to configure it.


Folder sharing is not working with ENABLED ZERO TRUST POLICY you should have Drives Redirection option enabled in the TruGrid portal settings.

It would be better to redirect all drives in the device redirection settings

Setup Microsoft Remote Desktop

This GIF will show how to add specific folder for the remote sharing


Q: I've already setup folder sharing and getting error that \\tsuser\Foldername. is not accessible
A: Please remove any special characters in the folder name for example Foldername. could be renamed to Foldername

Windows does not support special characters in the folders name

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Updated on: 27/09/2023

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