Endpoint DNS Resolution Troubleshooting

Endpoint DNS Resolution Troubleshooting

If a user is trying to connect to a remote machine and their RDP connection gets stuck at "Configuring remote session" but both the Sentry Server/service and the target machine are up and running, this might be due to an outdated or incorrect IP resolution on the local DNS side.

Ensure the internal DNS IP address being returned is the current accurate IP address for the machine:
from the Sentry Server run 'nslookup {hostname}' and check the IP address it resolved to
from the affected machine run 'ipconfig' and check the IP address

If the IPs differ - please remediate an incorrect IP address by checking the internal DNS console for any DNS records (forward and reverse) related to that machine hostname and IP address. However, if both of the above commands show up the same IP which is accurate - please go to the next step.

Check the IP adress shown in the TruGrid portal for the affected machine. See MY WORKSPACE snapshot below.

If the IPs in portal and DNS are different:
Remove the affected machine FROM the TG-Computer Active Directory Group
Refresh AD from the web portal. Ensure machine is no longer showing in the dropdown list of machines.
Give a couple of minutes for the changes to take effect
Add the affected machine BACK into the TG-Computer Active Directory Group
Refresh AD from the web portal. The machine should now appear in the list with the updated IP address.

Assign the machine back to the user.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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