AD Password Management via TruGrid (For Admins)

When enabled, this feature allows TruGrid users to perform self-service password resets.
This feature is only available to organizations using TruGrid Sentry in an Active Directory environment. This feature is not available to organizations using Azure AD.

How to Enable the Password Management Feature
Login to the TruGrid Portal and follow below steps in order to enable the Password Management feature:

Expand the COMPANY menu. For Service Providers, select a domain from the CUSTOMERS menu and follow below instructions
Make desired changes to default settings
SAVE your changes

TruGrid Active Directory Password Management

How TruGrid Active Directory Password Management Works
When PASSWORD MANAGEMENT is enabled, End Users have three methods to verify who they are before they can reset their passwords. In order to successfully reset Active Directory password via TruGrid, an end user must either have setup MFA with TruGrid, or they must have a valid email address in their Active Directory account. Specifically, TruGrid uses the EMAIL attribute in Active Directory if one exists (see below for an example)

When populated, below is the EMAIL attribute in AD that TruGrid uses for sending password reset links.

TruGrid uses the EMAIL attribute from Active Directory to send RESET link

Click here for End User Instructions:
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