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TruGrid SecureRDP High-Level Flow

TruGrid SecureRDP High-Level Flow

Below is the high-level flow of how an end user would authenticate to TruGrid and launch a Secure RDP session.


End user authenticates via the TruGrid website (or desktop app or mobile app) using MFA and their Windows Active Directory credentials.
If MFA is successful, then TruGrid does a direct authentication to the local Active Directory. TruGrid does not store any Active Directory passwords.
If Active Directory authentication is successful, then user is shown desktops assigned to them by the administrator
User launches one of the assigned desktops
An RDP connection is established between the local TruGrid Secure Connector and TruGrid Sentry Agent on the network (or the Secure Connect agent for non-AD machines). Note: This can be adjusted to route via nearest Azure Region; by default routes via East US Azure Region.

Architecture Diagram

Video of User Enrollment

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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